What Are the Best Golf Exercises For Your Fitness and Training Programs?

Golf exercises within a comprehensive golf fitness program can improve the fundamentals of your golf swing. These types of golf exercises within a golf training program can benefit golfers of any age. The problem many golfers face is determining what are the best golf exercises to place within their golf fitness training program. We are well aware that many professionals on the PGA Tour today implement golf fitness training into their programs. It is without question a part of what many professionals utilize to improve their golf game. The questions I often get is; what are the best golf fitness exercises for the amateur?

Before providing a set of exercises to utilize in the improvement of your game. We must first understand what comprises the golf swing from a biomechanical perspective. It is a functional athletic movement, utilizing the entire body in the execution of it. It is a “feet to fingertips” movement incorporating the entire body.

In order to execute the swing correctly specific physical parameters are required of the body. Basically to perform each phase of it efficiently and effectively certain levels of flexibility, balance, muscular strength, endurance, and power are required. If the body is lacking in any of these categories the execution of the golf swing will be hampered.

Knowing these factors about the golf swing provides us the background required to determine the best exercises for golf. In general the ideal exercises for golf will develop these physical parameters of the body to enhance your game.

For example, the ideal fitness program would entail flexibility exercises to improve the ranges of motion in the joint of your body. This would enhance your ability to draw the golf club through the long ranges of motion required of the swing. One such exercise I often recommend for this section of a golf fitness program is Rotators.

The second set of exercises within such a program would focus on balance. The golf swing requires balance in order to develop tempo and execute each phase of the swing. Specific exercises such as Airplane Rotations can improve the ability of your body to balance within the biomechanics of the swing.

Finally, a series of exercises to improve the strength, endurance, and power of your muscles would be a part of such a program. These exercises would improve the ability of your muscles to maintain a fixed spine angle, create rotation, decrease muscular fatigued, and finally develop more power. Numerous exercises can be incorporated into this section of the program. Some of my favorites are Seated Russian Twists, Medicine Ball Chops, and Tubing Rotations.

To summarize, the best golf exercises within your golf fitness program develop the physical parameters of the body for the golf swing. These types of golf exercises will enhance your ability to execute the golf swing correctly and improve your current golf game.

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