Golf Fitness Tips Any Player Can Use

There is more to golf than just swinging a club at a ball and hoping for the best. To play this sport at its highest level, participants must be relatively strong, agile and have the endurance necessary to play through 18 holes without stopping for too many breathers along the way. When improving play is the plan, fitness in golf can take basic form and turn it into a winning style.
Golf fitness tips that can help anyone with a basic grasp of the game improve their play include:

  • Build up endurance slowly and steadily – A player that can’t make it two holes without stopping for a break, can’t expect overnight miracles on this front. Still, slow but steady work will help improve game. Endurance is vital to include in a list of fitness concepts because it is required to carry a player through in tiptop form from hole one all the way to hole 18. Endurance exercises that are often recommended as part of training for endurance building include jogging, swimming, cycling and other activities that get the heart pumping.
  • Increase strength to increase control and drive power – This list would be remiss if it didn’t mention the importance of strength to the game. While a player won’t need to be muscle bound and rippling to go to the next level, a fair amount of upper body strength can really push a game forward. If this is coupled with other golfing exercises, good form and know how, it can make a huge difference in the final score. Strength training for golf can include any exercise that tightens, tones and builds the muscles in the arms, neck and back. Leg, stomach and glut muscles can also have an impact on play.
  • Keep flexibility in mind – Of all the golfing tips, flexibility training might be the most important. This area of fitness can matter a great deal not only in play, but also in safety. The more flexible and stretched out a player is, the easier it will be to execute form and avoid injury. Basic stretches that target the legs, back, arms and neck can work wonders on this front
  • Other areas of fitness can matter, too – Golf fitness tips should extend beyond actual exercises. Fitness does include overall health and diet, as well. To enjoy a great game of golf, a player has to be well fueled and feeling well. Toward this end, a well balanced, healthy diet that keeps weight in check can prove to be quite essential.


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