Golf Driving Technique

My friends in Golf. I would like you to spend a few moments reading this important golfing article.

If you are like every other golfer in the World, Including professionals, then your desire and aim must be to
achieve success at your game. And why not. You are obliged by your fellow golfers who partake in friendly or competitive rounds of golf with you, to play to your utmost ability.

More times than not we fall short in this area so the same old question pops up as it has done so many times before. “Why did I try driving across the water hazard, or why did I not lay up instead of trying to land on the green with my second drive”. These questions keep cropping up and they will keep appearing every time you have a bad drive unless you do something about it. A lot of the time our mistakes are due to poor golf driving technique.

I will impart to you a vital piece of advice given to me by a wise professional golfer. He said, I have always lived my life trying to be the best I could at everything I did.

He continued, just imagine if you were a musical instrument, say a guitar or a grand piano or any instrument you wish to think of and you could play yourself, you could tune yourself to perfect pitch. You could compose whatever you liked. Now do you not think that you would want to play the most beautiful music ever heard. I know you would. So just think about it. We are all instruments and we are all capable of fine tuning ourselves to that perfect pitch, to that level where we know we are at the optimum of our capability.” There was quite a lot more to our conversation but I got the message and I am sure you do too.

To achieve optimum we most likely need to obtain advice in certain areas of our game. With some golfers it could be their putting or their short game, but more times than not it is their driving technique. This is where most problems are, so we must attune ourselves to concentrate on the finer points of the technical advice offered. Then we must discipline ourselves to put this advice in to general practice on the driving range and most importantly on the golf course. It is vital for our game sake that we have a good driving technique.

Golf is a fantastic game, but it can also be heartbreaking. The simplest of shots can go so far wrong that it can keep your mind occupied for hours after, wondering how you could miss such a simple shot. More times than not this is usually a short range putt.