Why Golf Trophies Are So Important to the Game

Golf trophies have become an integral piece to a challenging game. Awarding golf achievements began with the ‘Champion’s Belt,’ which was given to the British Open winner through the 1860s, then replaced by the ‘Claret Jug’ in 1870, then eventually onto today’s grand prize, the ‘Green Jacket,’ secured by the winner of the Masters tournament. Golf trophies symbolize the very best in a sport that requires an equal share of mental and physical prowess to be a true champion.

Golf awards are available in many forms – from crystal trophies, to those made of metal or acrylics. Earning these trophies tell the story of how the golfer arose to the challenge, and prevailed. An engraved crystal trophy is a common prize for the overall winner, while a small metal or acrylic golf trophy might recognize a different tournament achievement such as longest drive or putt. Also, virtually every golf organization presents golf trophies to players who achieve the illustrious hole-in-one.

Professionals on the PGA or LPGA Tour define these achievement awards as recognizing the proficiency and consistency it takes to keep atop the leader boards throughout a complete golfing season. The ‘Vardon Trophy,’ named after British links legend Harry Vardon, is earned by the pro with the lowest average score per round. A newer season-ending award is the ‘Charles Schwab Cup,’ which actually celebrates a successful earning year for the winner. For the women’s league there is the ‘Vare Trophy.’ This prestigious golf trophy not only honors season-long consistency, but it also has a prominent role in deciding who gets into the LPGA Hall of Fame.

The intent of golfing awards and prizes, of course, is to recognize outstanding accomplishments. They can also be quite comical given some golf trophies are awarded for feats such as “bringing up the rear,” or “most water balls.” Regardless of the reason it’s won, an engraved trophy will be appreciated and proudly displayed by any golfer who earns it. The same holds true for other golf related prizes made of other materials, including bronze, which can be a great award for other top finishers.

Crystal trophies have become very popular items in the gifts and awards industry. They have been selected by many golf resorts as a main award for event winners. Crystal trophies, by comparison, seem to grab the most attention of observers as well. Many of them are handcrafted by experts who manage to bring out the crystal’s inherent beauty, while making sure the intent of the award remains the prominent factor. Golf trophies add to the gratification of a sport that is seldom conquered and never truly mastered.

What Are the Best Golf Exercises For Your Fitness and Training Programs?

Golf exercises within a comprehensive golf fitness program can improve the fundamentals of your golf swing. These types of golf exercises within a golf training program can benefit golfers of any age. The problem many golfers face is determining what are the best golf exercises to place within their golf fitness training program. We are well aware that many professionals on the PGA Tour today implement golf fitness training into their programs. It is without question a part of what many professionals utilize to improve their golf game. The questions I often get is; what are the best golf fitness exercises for the amateur?

Before providing a set of exercises to utilize in the improvement of your game. We must first understand what comprises the golf swing from a biomechanical perspective. It is a functional athletic movement, utilizing the entire body in the execution of it. It is a “feet to fingertips” movement incorporating the entire body.

In order to execute the swing correctly specific physical parameters are required of the body. Basically to perform each phase of it efficiently and effectively certain levels of flexibility, balance, muscular strength, endurance, and power are required. If the body is lacking in any of these categories the execution of the golf swing will be hampered.

Knowing these factors about the golf swing provides us the background required to determine the best exercises for golf. In general the ideal exercises for golf will develop these physical parameters of the body to enhance your game. Continue reading